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City of Delray Beach, Florida General Info

Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. The city is named after the Detroit neighborhood of Delray, as well as from the Mexican-American War’s Battle of Molino del Rey. It also lies in the middle of the South Palm Beach County which is at the center of Florida's Southeast Economic Region.

Delray Beach is situated north of Boca Raton and south of Boynton Beach. It is exactly located at 26°27′33″N 80°04′59″W. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 15.9 mi² (41.2 km²), which comprises 15.4 square miles (40 km2) land and 0.53 square miles (1 km2) water (3.34%).
According to the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 60,020 and 64,150 as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau of 2004. Additionally, Delray has 26,787 households, and 15,081 families residing in. The population density was 3,905.6/mi² (1,507.7/km²). The population of city was 66.49% White (61.8% were Non-Hispanic White), 26.63% African American, 0.17% Native American, 1.08%Asian, 0.08% Pacific Islander, 1.55% from other races, and 3.99% from two or more races. The average household size was 2.22 and the average family size was 2.87. Moreover, the median age was 44 years and for every 100 females there were 91.2 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 88.0 males.
Delray Beach’s economy prospered mainly because of the service sector that operates with the rapid development of tourism. One of the city’s evidence of its success is the famous Atlantic Avenue that is lined with art galleries, boutique, sophisticated fine dining restaurants, horse carriage rides, and more. The Pet Airways also have its headquarters in Delray.  Additionally, the median income for a household in the city was $43,371, and the median income for a family was $51,195. Males had a median income of $33,699 versus $28,469 for females.
The city of Delray Beach has a tropical rainforest climate.  Because of this, the place is sunny for most part of the year, with a temperature that ranges between 83 °F (28.3 °C) and 67 °F (19.4 °F).  During the summer months, especially in July, the temperature reaches up to 90°F (32.3°C). On the other hand, during the winter months, particularly in January, the temperature decreases up to 57°F (13.9°C). The annual precipitation of Delray Beach is 61.39 inches (1559.3 mm). Additionally, the wettest month of the year is June with an average rainfall of 7.58 inches (136.9 mm).

The city of Delray Beach has been known for its award-winning beaches. It has also been the premier vacation destination in Florida. In fact, in 2002, the city received recognition from the "American Coastal Coalition" for its accomplishment in restoring their pristine white sandy beaches. Likewise, according to the Travel Holiday magazine, Delray has the top public beaches in the southeastern United States. The city’s beaches are even hailed as one of the top 35 beaches in the entire country. Several hotels and resorts are also in Delray that are truly outstanding like The Sundy House Inn, The Colony Hotel, Marriott Delray Hotel, Crane’s Beach House, and more. Aside from that, it also has the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens plus the famous Shark month (August) wherein you can experience the exciting feeling of feeding sharks.

Delray House Inn

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